Tips for a Better Sleep Environment

The need for proper sleep is absolutely vital. A good night of rest acts like a “reset” button for us. It rejuvenates us both physically and mentally. The best time to fall asleep is 10pm to midnight. The sleep during day time will not make us as rested as when we sleep at night. It is not just the time we sleep that affect our sleep but also our sleep environment. Here are a few tips to make a better sleep environment.

1. Bedding

For a comfortable rest it is very important that your mattress and pillow are comfortable for you. Everyone has a different definition for comfort, so find a mattress and pillow which makes you feel comfortable. Make sure your mattress is large enough because you are going to change your position quite a few times during sleep. Also changing your bedspreads and pillow covers on a regular basis of at least once a month is required.

2. Light

Have you ever compared how fast you fall asleep during day light and how fast you fall asleep when it is pitch dark? You sleep better in the dark. That is how our body works. When you sleep try to avoid all sorts of lights, even a night light. There are chances of you waking up during you sleep and this light could easily wake you up, or it could prevent you from getting a sound sleep the rest of the night. If you are trying to sleep during the day, try to prevent any sort of light from the outside by covering the windows.

3. Sound

Noises can prevent you from sleeping, or it keeps you in a state where you are partially awake. Our body is designed to respond to outside stimulus so it is common if we wake up hearing an unpleasant sound, whether it is in our room or across the street. Some people claim they can only sleep with music around them, they might need the music only to fall asleep so put a timer for your music or ask someone to turn it off one you are asleep. Try to minimize the sound around you when you sleep because only them can your body rest properly without distraction.

4. Keep electronics away

Electronics are a big distraction for us. It not only eats up our time during the day it also prevents us from getting a sound sleep. For some they can sleep the moment their head hits pillow and for some others it might take quite some time. Studies show that the use of electronic devices one hour before sleep could increase the time gap between the time our head hits the pillow and we actually fall asleep. Therefore set a time for you to shut off electronics one hour before you sleep.

5. Temperature

There are situations where we wake up from our sleep drenched in sweat or shivering from cold. By night time allow your room to get some cool air from the outside and also use air-conditioning or a fan to cool your room. Our body generally cools down when it is preparing for sleep, which is why it is good to have a cool environment when you sleep.


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