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How to Handle Criticism

I am not a person who would love to do something just to be criticized. None of us do. It might seem as though we have put all our effort to do a particular thing and  that would be when one person would criticize us on what we did. Criticism is not something that gives us a boost inside. It actually brings our energy level down. As this energy level comes down anger and hatred all starts to build inside of us. Thus we also tend to lash out at the person or say a line which we think would make us look good. Well these two ways are not two of the best ways to deal with criticism. Here are few tips to keep in mind while being criticized.

  1. Stay calm

When we receive a criticism there is usually the feeling of anger and resentment that comes with it. And what could happen most of the time is that, out of the spur of the moment we tend to lash back and say something that would make us feel happy then, but later on would hurt us and that person. The problem is not with the content of the criticism but with the tone that it was delivered. Thus if a person delivers criticism,  take a few deep breaths. This will help you calm down and make sure what you understood is what they meant to so, if it is then go ahead and reply to them.

The best way to reply for a criticism is to thank them for their input and to tell them that you’ll think on it.

  1. Don’t take it personally

Criticism usually comes in the most unexpected way and thus it will seem as though it is all about us. But in reality no criticism talks about a person rather address the some aspect of the person like their clothing, short-temper etc.

Thus when you hear a criticism take some time to analyse which aspect was it addressing. For example if we are criticized for our cooking we tend to say that the criticizer has some grudge against us. The truth is that the criticizer could have a grudge against us, but would not comment on our cooking unless he/she has a solid ground to talk on. Thus when you hear a criticism take time to evaluate and find out the real issue.

  1. Take your time to reply

Whether it is at work/class or at home, we always tend to get defensive when we hear a criticism. As criticism doesn’t give us a sense of joy, it is common for us to want to lash out at people. Even though this lashing out will give us a sense of victory at the moment later on we won’t feel that same happiness. Thus when you hear a criticism try to not answer back at that moment. If you feel angry or let down, you can try to put on a genuine smile and thank the person for his/her input. Later on when you have calmed down you can tell the person how you really felt about the criticism, if he hurt you, or if you felt as though he/she was rude to you, etc,.

  1. Value criticism

Mostly all of us love to be praised. It gives us a sense of self-worth and boosts our confidence. Being praised is good as long as it is sincere and not flattery. However we should teach ourselves to value criticism because it gives us an opportunity to polish ourselves a bit more. Remember that every criticism does have some truth in it. And if we value others’ criticism it will make it easier for us to find the truth in it. Thus try to have a positive attitude towards criticism.

These are just a few tips I practice about dealing with criticism. If you have any way that u deal with criticism feel free to comment below. I would love to hear from you.