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Why is Breakfast Important?

There is at least a time gap of 10 hours between your dinner the previous day and your present day breakfast. This time is called a ‘fasting period’. By morning mostly all the food is digested leaving your body with no source of energy. Some studies show that eating your breakfast will regulate your weight, give a positive mood, prevent binge eating and so much more. Here are a few reasons why breakfast is important.

1.Boosts your Energy

Your stomach is empty by the time you wake up leaving you with no source of energy for the rest of the day. The start of the day is when you need your short term memory to work the best because you have to plan for yhe rest of the day. And if you have no energy in your body, your overall functioning will reduce, which includes aspects like your muscle movement,memory. Thus it is important that you have your breakfast

  1. Gives you energy

As you have no more food left in your stomach by morning, it is important that you eat as it decides your energy for the day. It is not necessary that you eat a big meal but it is good to have something which will give you something to rely on. If you have your breakfast you will find it easier to do your tasks.

  1. Maintains your Weight

If you don’t eat a meal in the morning, you will find yourself snacking throughout the day especially when you get short breaks during work or class. This will result in eating more than your body actually needs.

Recent research shows that breakfast does not directly influence your weight, but it will influence the amount of food you eat in a day. It is said that having a nutritious breakfast will decrease your calorie intake of the day. It is important that you only eat what your body needs. Since your body needs some fuel in the morning, breakfast becomes a necessity.


If you find it hard to wake up early enough in the morning you can prepare some take-with-you breakfast. Otherwise try your best to eat something when you get up in the morning just to get the energy you need to start your day.


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Why Wake Up Early?

Getting up in the morning might be a very hard task for some of us. One way to help you get up early could be not to name yourself as a night person, or to rule out the possibility of being a morning person. Even though having a routine might not sound all that important, there are some great benefits that will help us for the day. Here are a few reasons why waking up early is a necessity.

  • Gives you Some ‘You Time’

When you wake up late most of the people in your house might be up and moving about. Which might not be a proper environment for you to clear your mind or to have some time alone. A ‘you time’ might not seem interesting, but I guarantee that once you start taking time for yourself to think, your day will be much more productive. You can use this time to evaluate your previous day and to see if you were able to finish your tasks. This time could also be used to review your daily tasks.

  • Gives you Time for Breakfast

When we wake up late, one thing we mostly skip is breakfast. Even though a lot of us know why breakfast is important and why it is a necessity we skip it to save time. But preparing for your day with a full stomach sounds much more practical than an empty stomach. Since you have not eaten anything for more than at least 6 hours you have practically no food in your stomach to give you energy. Thus it is very important to have your breakfast every morning and getting up early will allow you time to eat breakfast.

  • Gives you Time to Move Your Body

For me exercising in the morning is a big task.  I’d rather chose to spend my mornings at a slow pace than exercise. But I’ve noticed that exercising makes my day much better. While exercising make sure to move all/most of your muscles because it will make it easier to use it the rest of the day by waking you up. This will also help your metabolism which is also very important. While there are days when I workout in the morning I would prefer to do stretches. It does the job for me. If you can motivate yourself to do some sort of exercise in the morning I guarantee that your day will be at great ease.

These three things will surely give you the motivation and energy to tackle your day. Thus waking up early enough to do these will do wonders. These are also not the only things that will motivate you, but these are what I’ve found helpful


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