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Why is Breakfast Important?

There is at least a time gap of 10 hours between your dinner the previous day and your present day breakfast. This time is called a ‘fasting period’. By morning mostly all the food is digested leaving your body with no source of energy. Some studies show that eating your breakfast will regulate your weight, give a positive mood, prevent binge eating and so much more. Here are a few reasons why breakfast is important.

1.Boosts your Energy

Your stomach is empty by the time you wake up leaving you with no source of energy for the rest of the day. The start of the day is when you need your short term memory to work the best because you have to plan for yhe rest of the day. And if you have no energy in your body, your overall functioning will reduce, which includes aspects like your muscle movement,memory. Thus it is important that you have your breakfast

  1. Gives you energy

As you have no more food left in your stomach by morning, it is important that you eat as it decides your energy for the day. It is not necessary that you eat a big meal but it is good to have something which will give you something to rely on. If you have your breakfast you will find it easier to do your tasks.

  1. Maintains your Weight

If you don’t eat a meal in the morning, you will find yourself snacking throughout the day especially when you get short breaks during work or class. This will result in eating more than your body actually needs.

Recent research shows that breakfast does not directly influence your weight, but it will influence the amount of food you eat in a day. It is said that having a nutritious breakfast will decrease your calorie intake of the day. It is important that you only eat what your body needs. Since your body needs some fuel in the morning, breakfast becomes a necessity.


If you find it hard to wake up early enough in the morning you can prepare some take-with-you breakfast. Otherwise try your best to eat something when you get up in the morning just to get the energy you need to start your day.


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The Ultimate Rejection

Do you remember that very good friend of yours whom you used to hang out with, whom you trusted the most and whom you loved the most. Then slowly their interests changed. They started hanging out with other people. They stopped calling you, texting you and doing other fun things with you. Finally it came to a point where if you needed to talk, you had to call them or go see them. And then their phone number and email address changed, but they didn’t notify you. And so you lost complete contact with them.



They didn’t reject you on purpose. They didn’t say anything bad. But what happened? Their interests changed. They found interest in many new things and friends besides you. Do you remember the pain that you felt and the hurt it cost you? That’s the same that God feels when we slide away from him. What’s the reality there? Did you reject God? No you didn’t. Did you think being close to God was useless? No you didn’t. Then what happened? Could it be your friends, your job, your wealth, your family? Did you give more importance to all of these than to God? The times you used to spend with God reduced and that became the time you spent thinking about everything else. Well, we didn’t do it on purpose, but it just happened. And most of the time you don’t realize it. But sometimes, you do realize the difference but when we look at it, it seems more than impossible to change.

So what’s first in your life? Is it God or something else? Think about it. If you’re finding it hard or you don’t know where to start, try this: Make a list of all the things you spend quite a bit of your time, energy, and money on. What are the things that has slowly drawn your heart away from God? And then admit it to God, and ask forgiveness.

Basically you are friends again. And think about some things you would do with someone whom you want to get to know better. Some of the things I would do is to spend more time talking and calling them. Likewise, get a fresh start with God like you are two people who just met and want to get to know each other better. Take it day by day. Try to evaluate yourself quite often just to make sure you are giving God the place he deserves in your life.

What’s Cool and What’s Not

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were very rich? I mean the kind of rich were your ancestors stored up wealth for generations? Wouldn’t that be cool? In the Bible, king Hezekiah was someone with that kind of wealth. He had silver, gold, spices, oil and all kinds of expensive stuff. One day he became ill and was at the point of death. He prayed to God and God answered his prayers and gave him miraculous signs but his heart was full of pride. Later Hezekiah repented for his pride and the Lord’s wrath did not come upon the land during the days of Hezekiah. Since he had a lot of riches he built buildings and storehouses for all his valuables. He succeeded in everything he did. Hearing the miraculous signs God did, the king of Babylon sent visitors with gifts and letters to enquire of all that God did for Hezekiah. Instead of thanking them for the gifts and leading them on their way back home, he showed them all his ancestors had stored up for the coming generations like spices, gold, silver, precious stones and other items. He did this because his heart was filled with pride.

When the prophet Isaiah came and inquired about the visitors, King Hezekiah told the prophet that they were visitors from Babylon and he showed them all the wealth in his storehouses. Then the word from the Lord came that surely all the wealth that king Hezekiah’s ancestors stored for the generations will be carried of to Babylon and nothing will be left.

What are the thing in our life that are valuable to us? Is it money, cars, houses, health, ability to think, friends, job, computer, mobile phones? What God says is that if we love the world or the things in the world the love of the Father is not with us because all that we find in this world-the desires of the flesh, pride in possession, desires of the eye is not from God but from the world. The things in this world that we think that we will have all throughout our life might not be there. You might be healthy and all of a sudden you become sick or if you are rich and all of a sudden you lose your job and you will start to take loans and to cover the loans you may sell your car or your house. The Bible says that the world is like a river passing by with it’s evil desires.

So what do we have in life that will last. All the thing that are mentioned above are all good but what is that one thing that should be most important in our life? Our relationship with God is the one thing that should be most important. Everything we see with our eyes and think that without that we can not live is not actually true. The only person that will be with us from our birth till our death is God. Where ever we go our parents can not be there and in times of need if we can’t tell our parents we can tell that to God who is faithful to provide it. If we put our full trust in God and rely on him he will be with us too.