Tips for Better Sleep

Do you get frustrated because you can’t get a good sleep? Its not necessary that you will get a good sleep every night. There might be some mornings when you might feel like you only slept for since time, or that your sleep was not enough. Here are a few tips on how to get a good sleep.

1. Have a Regular Sleep-Wake Cycle

You might feel sleepy around the same time you fell asleep the previous day. This is the main reason why we should have a regular sleep time. If we sleep at a set time every day (say 10pm to 11pm) our body will get used to that and can easily fall asleep at that time.  Otherwise we might be in bed tossing and turning trying so hard to fall asleep and end up getting frustrated and getting off of the bed.

Our body is capable of remembering the time we wake up from our sleep. Thus during the same time the following day our body starts preparing to wake up. Which will prevent us from getting the needed sleep.

2. Have a Sleep-Friendly Environment

Since the environment impacts the quality of our sleep here are a few suggestions.

a) Bedding

Make sure you have a comfortable mattress and a pillow. Also make sure you have a bed big enough as you might change position during the night.

b) Light

We sleep better when there is less or no light around us. Thus try to sleep with very little light. If you are trying to nap during the day, you could cover your eyes with a dark piece of cloth.

c) Sound

Sound could easily wake us up from our sleep. If you are a person that can only sleep with music around you, try setting a timer for your music to shut off so that it won’t wake you up in the middle of the night.

d) Keep electronics away

Studies show that the use of electronic devices one hour before sleep could increase the time gap between the time our head hits the pillow and we actually fall asleep.

e) Temperature

Have a moderate temperature, so that you don’t wake up at night shivering with cold or drenched in sweat. Also cool temperature will get your body ready to sleep.

3. Avoid Heavy Dinner

When your stomach is too full, you might have a hard time sleeping. Especially if you have taken fatty foods or junk food for dinner. It is because our stomach has to work extra to digest. This which will result in loss of sleep. If you are hungry even after dinner, eat light ( like fruits, some milk, etc) so that it won’t disturb your sleep.

4. Have a bedtime routine

A bedtime routine could include making your bed ready, personal hygiene, moisturizing hands and legs, listening to a soft instrumental music or reading, prayer, etc. Create a routine for yourself and make it a point to do it every day before you go to bed. After some days our body starts responding accordingly and will help you to sleep faster. In a way this routine could be a message you are sending to your body, telling that it is time for bed.

Hope you have enjoyed this series on sleep.

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