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Tips to Stay on Track Part-1

Set goals

This is one of the most important steps to stay on track with anything you are doing. Making a to-do list for each day will help you remember what you are supposed to do. Don’t worry, I am not referring to a schedule or a time table. A to-do list may comprise of reminders for the deadline of an assignment, or for a test, or a skype call with your parents/friends, or for grocery shopping.

A planner, a diary or even a simple note book can be used to jot down your to-do list. I have my to-do list on my phone, but I also found it useful when I kept it in a place where I could see. And so I use sticky notes to write down each day’s list and then post it on my window, cupboard or any place you look at every day.

Making your goals reasonable is very important as if it is too much there is a higher chance that you would give up on the task. Thus when you are trying to plan out your goals for a week or month, make sure you split it into smaller tasks. For example, it is better if you do not set apart one day to just do all your call appointments, or to work on your assignment. A variety in activity for each day will keep you from getting bored.

Tips to Remember While Making a Schedule

Making a schedule is something we have all done. We have a perception about how long we can stay productive without having a break, how long our break should be, etc. One things that is common in most of our cases is that we tend to give up on our schedule once we find it’s hard to keep up with it. If I make a schedule for myself, this is how it would like-

9:00- 10:00 study

10:00- 10:30 laundry

10:30- 12 study


And what usually happens is that, I give up in between and start doing as I please and end up wasting a lot of time. The key to making an easy schedule is ‘not to overestimate’ ourselves. What mostly happens while making is a schedule is that we overestimate ourselves and pack up the day with a lot of deadlines with less or no breaks at all. This will stress us out and we will be unable to follow the schedule or finish work. So, here are a few tips to keep in mind while we make a schedule.


1. Plan the day before

Have you ever felt a little frustrated or nervous when you had to do something on short notice? This cannot be avoided all the time. There will be things you’d have to do on short notice like present a paper, meet your boss, etc. One positive aspect about planning your day before it starts is that while you are asleep, your brain prepares yourself for that task i.e.,you are unconsciously preparing yourselves for the following day. This way you can be more effective in your task and will help you to give your best at it.


2. Take regular breaks

I’m scared to take breaks because of not being able to get back on track. But recently I’ve been forcing myself to take breaks. Even though it might take you quite some time to get back on track, taking a break is important as it help clear your mind and will rejuvenate you. While taking breaks try to not spend the whole time on electronics. Find something else, like listening to music, drinking some water, a short walk, etc. Do anything that will take your mind off from your books. This will also help you to be extra productive.


3. Be prepared for distractions

You can never avoid distractions. Either it would be a phone call, or someone at the door or any of that sort. The key is to leave an hour at the end of the day, so that you can finish off any work that is undone. When distraction comes don’t let it consume an hour of your day, rather spend minimal time on it, unless it is urgent. If urgent attend to it and try to finish your work before you go to bed.

If you weren’t able to finish a task before you go to sleep, try to do it the next day itself than delaying it any further.

Comment below and let me your thoughts. Also if there are any tips you have please feel free to share.

Why have a Schedule.

Even when i have nothing much to do, at the end of the day i am tired. I wouldn’t have done anything that needs any sort of my active participation, but still i would be tired at the end of the day. Keeping yourselves going and at the same time rested is quite tricky. One way to do it is to have a schedule. Here are some benefits of having a schedule.

1. Stay productive

When you are looking at the list of things you have to accomplish that day or the week or month. You will automatically be forced to do your work. Because everyone hates last minute rush. Also when you have a rough plan of what you need to accomplish, you wouldn’t spend time thinking of what to do next. This saves time.

2. Have extra time

If you have a schedule, i guarantee you that your free time will truly be one. Also if you are realistic about the time you need to complete a task, and thus set your schedule, it will be easier for you to keep up with the schedule. Being able to stick to the schedule will keep you from cutting short your free time. It will also enable you to truly enjoy your free time rather than worry about how you will catch up with the work.

3. Remember deadlines

Listing down your deadlines as soon as you come across it, will help you to be on time. This way you know what needs to be done and by when. Which will save you from stress and trouble. Highlighting your deadlines will help as it will draw your attention and thus keep you reminded of it.