How to Make Your Afternoons Productive?

Making your morning productive is something that you would have been advised to do. We are at times even advised to get all the important tasks done during the morning, as that is believed to be the time that we are most productive or efficient. But something that I feel that is often neglected is that no matter how rested you are and how enthusiastic you are, you will not be able to get all your work done in the morning. A problem that we all face is that, as the day passes by, we lose our energy and we normally find it hard to stay productive. So here are some things I do to keep myself productive throughout the afternoon.

  1. Move around

It is common for you to feel sleepy after your lunch. One of the easiest way though which I have been able to have a more productive afternoon is by moving around. I have seen that if I take some time after my lunch to move around and stay active, that wakes me up and I no longer feel sleepy or lazy. You can either do this by taking a short walk, or cleaning up around your house/room.

  1. Micro Naps If Necessary

Naps are tricky for most people. If you are like me, then naps can end up being a 5 hour sleep or more. But a small nap when you’re feeling tired and exhausted is the way to go if you want to get things done after your lunch time. So because of the benefits of a nap, I do try to take naps around noon time if I feel the need for it. What I have been doing that has helped me is to take a nap right before my lunch. For some reason I have seen that this makes me wake up as my alarm goes off and there are less chances that I hit the snooze button.

  1. Work on easier tasks

As you have just eaten, and your body is using most of it’s energy on digesting the food that you ate, it might be hard for you to do a task where you would have to think too much. Having easier tasks to go by that do not appear burdensome or require much concentration is another way though which I have been able to be productive during my afternoons. 

  1. Eat a modest portion

This is a very important factor. After a meal where you have eaten till you cannot move, you most likely feel lazy or sleepy. So, even through you have a large appetite at lunch time, try to eat a moderate portion and have a snack in an hour or two if you still feel hungry. This will definitely have an impact on your productivity in the afternoon

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