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How To Make Your Day More Productive -Staying At Home

Staying at home has been a reality for most of us during the past few months because of the pandemic that has been going around. Though the world seems to have downshifted, our work/school is still going on full speed. As many of you I too struggle to have a productive day at times or maybe most of the time. And because being productive is a necessity, I want to share some tips that have helped me be productive and stay on track. 

  1. Create a task list

A task list is a list of things that you would like to get done on that day. How you create this is by listing out tasks on the basis of their priority. You can either write them down on a piece of paper, or on your phone or even just make a mental note of it. One key that will make sure that you get the tasks on the list done is to make sure that you do not clutter it. Rather than packing up one day with multiple tasks, try to spread them out during the week. Being reasonable about the time that you have and also being mindful of the important tasks that have to be worked on is one of the important factors that has helped me be productive during my day. 

  1. Take breaks

We all love a good break from the hustle and bustle of the day. Breaks are definitely one of the factors that help us stay motivated and productive. One important piece of information that you have to remember while taking breaks is to make sure that your mind logs out of what you have been doing so far and has some time where it can run without strain. Some of the ways that I take a break is by cleaning up my room, going to the kitchen to drink a glass of water or to have a snack, replying to some texts that I received and so on. This I believe will keep you more motivated and productive throughout the day. During this time also make sure that you are moving away from your place of work physically too as this will help you get your mind off of the work and also help you to feel more relaxed.

  1. Do something fun

Rarely do we incorporate something ‘fun’ into our day. But I would encourage you to try this out. Take time of your day to do something that excites you. You can pick the time you do it and also what you consider fun too, but do it. What I have seen is that doing something that gets me excited and that gets my adrenaline rushing also makes me want to be more productive. Some of the things that I have incorporated into my days that I consider fun are exercising, watching a funny video, listening to a new song, baking on Saturdays is something that I’m loving, calling or reaching out to a friend, and so on. You might not see the results of incorporating something fun into your day right after the first day, but I can assure you that as you keep doing this, it will bring some sort of excitement into your day, that will keep you motivated.

Creating Your Own Morning Routine- Tips

In the last three blogs I have been talking about being a morning person, the importance of that as well as some tips that will help you transition into becoming a morning person. In this blog I would like to give you three areas that you can focus on as you wake up in the morning.

1. Physical health
When we usually hear the term physical health, we relate that to exercise or physical activity. Well what I mean by physical health is your overall physical health of which exercise is just one part. The three important aspects in this that you need to focus on in the morning is to drink enough water, eat a great breakfast and also take some time to focus on your body.
So as you wake up, it is important that you drink a glass of water as this can help kick start your metabolism and help in the overall functioning of your body. Also remember to make drinking water an important part of your morning routine as this can also help wipe down any waste from your body. Another important aspect is to incorporate breakfast into your routine. Eating a healthy and filling meal is the key. As this is the first meal that you are eating after the previous night’s dinner, it is important that you consume a meal that is rich in nutrients and also one that will fuel your body with energy. The final important aspect in this area is exercise, I usually prefer to use the term movement as it is important to stretch your body after hours of inactivity. This can include an exercise routine or the basic stretches that will loosen up your muscles thereby helping your body to get into the rhythm of motion for the day.

2. Mental/spiritual balance
For me, this is the time where I read the bible and also take some time to reflect and think upon my previous day and my day ahead. Whether you believe in God or not, I think it can be very helpful if you take some time out of your morning before you get into the hustle of the day to just relax your mind and contemplate on what really matters to you. You could use this time for journaling and also do some meditation combined with breathing exercises. The most helpful type of meditation and breathing exercise that has worked for me is the mindfulness meditation that has a lot of proven benefits.

3. Productivity
Doing something productive is the last MUST that has to be in your morning routine, this is apart from your exercise or meditation or even cooking that happens in the morning. For a productive activity, I would suggest that you do something like reading some pages of the book that you are currently reading, catching up on some work that has to be done, finishing a chore that you were not able to finish the previous day and so one. One of the greatest benefits that I have found with this is that it gets me into the productive mindset and thereby making it easier to be productive and get my work done efficiently throughout the day.

With these broad areas in mind, create a morning routine that works best for you. As you create one for now, make adjustments and tweek it as and when required.

What to Do When You Are Mad at Your Parents

I get upset with my parents quite often. It could be because of something they said, did or didn’t do. It’s easier to let go when it has happened just a few times, but as years go by the number keeps going up and it hits a threshold. Once it hits  the threshold, things might get out of hand because you’re out of control and they are mad that you talking or behaving like this. Here are a few tips you could use to tell you parents that you are mad at them.

  • Calm yourself down

It’s not a wise idea to talk to your parents when you are angry at them. What could happen is that, you might end up saying something you don’t mean to or raise your voice at them. These are both things I’ve done, and this just makes the situation worse. So the best thing to do is to keep away while you are angry. Washing your face, going out for a walk, listening to some music are all things that help. What I do is that, I take a piece of paper and try to write what goes through my head (remember to shred the paper as it is not something you want your parents to come across). This is an amazing way to calm yourself down and to articulate your ideas.

  • Plan your conversation to your parents

While calming yourself down, try and think of what made you angry and why it made you angry. Go over it again and again. This will help you to stay focused while talking to your parent and to not say anything that you don’t really mean.

  • Talk to your parent

Yes, this is the hardest part. I don’t know if parents realize when they have hurt their children. So when you walk up to them this might be the last thing on their mind. The key here is to let them know you want to tell them something that is burdening you. This is a great start because parents do want to know what is burdening their child. Once that is established go ahead and tell them. If they try to cut you off in between let them do so and wait for them to finish. Even if you get upset again try your best not to express it. As that would not make the situation better. The trick here is to not raise your voice at your parent as that is “disrespectful”. If I could keep clam while talking to my parents when I’m angry, then I bet anyone can. This is easy as you might have to wait for some time till the anger and the hurt subsides so that you don’t hurt them in the process.

  • Resolve your problem

While talking, find ways to resolve the issue. The key here is to suggest ways in which both you and your parents can improve. This way you can keep the situation as calm as it should be.  

  • Get everything out

These times are rare so take the most of it and get your issue out. I believe that if a relationship has to go strong and good, then people should voice their feelings in a clam manner. Thus addressing your feelings to your parent is also important.

I’ve not lived so many years, but these are things I’ve observed from trial and error. It’s not always easy to talk to your parent about such things, especially about how they’ve made you angry, because you have no clue in how they will react. Well it’s always worth a shot.

Risky Decisions

  Daniel and the three friends took a very risky step. They decided to disobey the king while they were being trained to serve the king. When you disobey the king, most probably your fate is death. Daniel could have feared death and could have obeyed the king. But he chose to be faithful to God. Even though he disobeyed the king, he was obeying the King of kings.

Image Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon asked the chief of his court officials to select some of the Israelites who were from the royal family and the noble. They were to be young men without any physical defects, handsome, showing aptitude for every kind of learning, well informed, and other good traits. These men would serve the king in various duties. Daniel, Sadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were among those chosen. The King also gave some orders to teach them and to give them a daily amount of food and wine from the king’s table. But Daniel and the others asked permission to the chief to give them vegetables and water, but the chief disagreed. God gave favor for them and they were tested for ten days. By the end of these ten days, these four were found to be better nourished and God gave them knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning.

 At times, even though we know its wrong to do a certain thing, we do it. We may think God is a forgiving and loving God. So, its OK if I do this. He’ll forgive and we’ll be best buddies like before.

 No matter if its among your friends or family, wrong is always a wrong. And if you take a step for God in what you believe, He will surely be with you; just like how he made Daniel and the three ten times better than the others who ate choicest food, God will give you success. When you take a step in your life for God to obey him, at first people may make fun of you when they hear about it. But remember God will take several steps for you. It’s hard to do it by ourselves and the only person who is by our side 24 hours a day is God. So let’s ask his help to take certain risky decisions for him even if our lives are at risk.

Who Wants to Listen to God Anyway?

Most of the time we do want to ask God what He wants for us, what he thinks is best for us, but when God speaks to us we get this feeling “is that really God? Or is it just my mind just trying to fool me?”


Yup. That’s what happens to me most of the time. The reason for this unsure feeling to arise in us is because we have something in mind which we think is the best for us. Ya, maybe it looks like the perfect thing to do in the worldly eyes. We may get fame, people may start respecting us and so on. Which are all good but those are the things that are good for us in the worldly sight. Remember that’s “just good.” Don’t you think God knows what’s best for us? I’ve thought about it. Of course we know that God has the best for us but still we have this feeling in us which doesn’t allow us to feel happy about it.

For example, imagine you and your friends were really good actors in school and college and both of you got a chance to join an acting company. Your friend decided to go for it. But you decided to wait. Within a few months time that friend of yours became so popular and wherever you turn you hear about your friend. But during that time God speaks to you and tells you clearly about His plans for your life. But when you hear about your friend’s success, your mind starts doubting whether it was God speaking to you or was it just your mind. Well in both ways, you end up getting fame, but the acting career brings fame so easily. What would you do in this situation? In 1Corinthians 9:25c Paul says “but we do it to get a crown that will last forever.” Our life is like a game. If we finish it in God’s plan we get a crown that lasts. But what happens most of the time is that we don’t bother thinking of it even though we know that’s the best.

What I’ve learned is that there isn’t a thing that I can do on my own, I need God. As you read in the Bible I can do all things through Him who gives me strength. Just ask God to help you to make the right decision, and it becomes easier when we submit ourselves to God fully and asking Him to take control.

What’s Cool and What’s Not

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were very rich? I mean the kind of rich were your ancestors stored up wealth for generations? Wouldn’t that be cool? In the Bible, king Hezekiah was someone with that kind of wealth. He had silver, gold, spices, oil and all kinds of expensive stuff. One day he became ill and was at the point of death. He prayed to God and God answered his prayers and gave him miraculous signs but his heart was full of pride. Later Hezekiah repented for his pride and the Lord’s wrath did not come upon the land during the days of Hezekiah. Since he had a lot of riches he built buildings and storehouses for all his valuables. He succeeded in everything he did. Hearing the miraculous signs God did, the king of Babylon sent visitors with gifts and letters to enquire of all that God did for Hezekiah. Instead of thanking them for the gifts and leading them on their way back home, he showed them all his ancestors had stored up for the coming generations like spices, gold, silver, precious stones and other items. He did this because his heart was filled with pride.

When the prophet Isaiah came and inquired about the visitors, King Hezekiah told the prophet that they were visitors from Babylon and he showed them all the wealth in his storehouses. Then the word from the Lord came that surely all the wealth that king Hezekiah’s ancestors stored for the generations will be carried of to Babylon and nothing will be left.

What are the thing in our life that are valuable to us? Is it money, cars, houses, health, ability to think, friends, job, computer, mobile phones? What God says is that if we love the world or the things in the world the love of the Father is not with us because all that we find in this world-the desires of the flesh, pride in possession, desires of the eye is not from God but from the world. The things in this world that we think that we will have all throughout our life might not be there. You might be healthy and all of a sudden you become sick or if you are rich and all of a sudden you lose your job and you will start to take loans and to cover the loans you may sell your car or your house. The Bible says that the world is like a river passing by with it’s evil desires.

So what do we have in life that will last. All the thing that are mentioned above are all good but what is that one thing that should be most important in our life? Our relationship with God is the one thing that should be most important. Everything we see with our eyes and think that without that we can not live is not actually true. The only person that will be with us from our birth till our death is God. Where ever we go our parents can not be there and in times of need if we can’t tell our parents we can tell that to God who is faithful to provide it. If we put our full trust in God and rely on him he will be with us too.