Staying Motivated

After 10 minutes into my study, I am reminded of things I need to do or can do. This takes away my interest to study.

Many of us lose interest in studies after certain period of time. It’s quite natural.  However to stay focused and motivated in studies is a vital task of a student. Here are few simple methods which can help you to stay motivated.

1. Make a checklist to track progress.

Making a checklist for ves ourselves will help us to stay in track of our accomplishments. As we finish each task we could cross it out of the check list. Keep this checklist next to our study desk, or a place where we are bound to look.

2. Do the task in small chunks.

Trying to study for a test in one day may not be successful. It is easier to get discouraged by the size of the task. Instead of trying to finish our task in a short time, take few days to finish it. And each day when we come back to finish one portion, revise what we studied the previous day.

3. Take breaks in between.

Taking breaks and doing something recreational or different is important during long study hours. Divide the task and after completing each take a break. Taking a break away from books and other study materials can help to refresh our mind. During break we could do some light physical activities like cleaning our room, or taking a walk in the garden or plucking out some weeds from the pots, or drinking some water and so on. This will rejuvenate our mind. And help us to stay motivated. It is better to avoid watching a movie during short break as our mind may wander around the story which can hinder motivation to study.

4. Exercise (before or in between).

Exercise can affect our mood in a positive way, it will give you a sense of refreshment and alertness. Even stretching exercises will help you. Going for a short run, jogging skipping will also help us. Before we exercise set a time limit (say 10 mins) and exercise accordingly.  

5. Reward ourselves

This is an easy and agreeable way to keep ourselves ves motivated. If we are trying to study a chapter for a test, or to write an assignment or any of that sort, divide the task into chunks. And after completing each chunk of task make sure to reward ourselves.

Some tips for rewarding is to eat a favorite candy, or to play a short game, or to get yourself a coffee, or to go for a walk outside, or to visit a certain place, and the list could go on.

Mixing and matching these methods are important because if we keep following one method there won’t be positive result after few days.


About Sharon Marie George

I have a bachelors degree in Psychology, English and Sociology, a Diploma in Clinical Pastoral Counseling and I am currently doing a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology View all posts by Sharon Marie George

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