Study Tips Pt.3

Study Method

We are all different in many ways, even in the way we study. So trying to study the way someone else studies wouldn’t always be successful for us.

There are three types of learners:

a. Auditory learners: If you are an auditory learner, you learn by listening. You can read your notes out loud. You could also record your notes and listen to them. You will find it easier to remember this way.

b. Visual learners: If you are a visual learner, you learn by seeing. You could draw diagrams, form flowcharts, use colours and so on.

c. Kinesthetic learners: If you are a kinesthetic learner, you learn by doing. Study practically works better for you. You could role play or build models. This will help you remember more.

You now might have an idea of what sort of learner you are.

What are some steps to follow to study effectively?

1. Your first step is to identify what type of a learner you are. Then follow the appropriate method of study.

2. Memorize lists of points and not paragraphs.

The amount that your brain can take in is limited, thus it is an advantage to memorize lists.

3. Associate points with things you are familiar with.

This is a method which can help you to remember the topics easier. The trick is to associate the keywords with your favorites (like favorite color, favorite artists, and so on).

4. Try to write what you have looked through from your memory.

You might not be able to write everything what you just went through, but it’s fine. Write whatever you can, even if you are writing down the points you memorized or the association you did. This help you to stretch your thinking capacity and forces you to concentrate better next time when you go through topics.

5. Revise and recall.

Revision is an important step here as you will be able to compare what you have just written down to your notes. This help you to realize the mistake you made while writing the answer.

Recall could be also named as a brushing up time. Here you could say out loud or write what you have studied.

If you still found it hard to write down what you have studied, you could repeat step 2 onwards.


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