Why have an Organized Wardrobe?

Having an organized wardrobe might not seem all that important and might be a little hard to keep it organized. Especially being a girl, my wardrobe is not always organized. But here are a few reasons why an organized wardrobe is necessary.

1.Save time

This is one of the #1 reasons why we should keep our wardrobe organized. We only have 24 hrs in a day and 100 things to do before bed. Which makes us want to save as much time as possible. If we keep our wardrobe organized we end up saving time as we know what is kept where. I do fail at keeping it organized but I try my best because I know that I don’t want to spend time on finding the matching pair.

  1. Less stress

This might not seem so evident but if you think back this is so true. I get stressed out when trying to fetch clothes out of my messy wardrobe. Before we go towards the wardrobe we would have picked out a few possible options for what to wear that day. And it is when you open your wardrobe that you finalize on what to wear. If you don’t find the right jeans or skirt or top or shoes that matches you end up trying to find it. Not being able to find it fast will actually stress us, which in turn can ruin our day.

  1. A feeling of accomplishment

Keeping a wardrobe organized is not an easy thing. It is something in which I struggle. Thus I try to spend some time during the week just to make sure that my wardrobe is not a mess. The one thing that encourages me to have an organized wardrobe is that, it is not so common. This might sound selfish, but find your own reason which will force you to keep your wardrobe organized. Thus having an organized wardrobe boots my self-esteem.

  1. Helps clear your mind

When you enter into a room which looks clean and organized there is a sense of clarity that we feel in our head. I feel that the same goes with our wardrobe. When you look at something that is clear cut or which makes sense it will actually give us clarity in thought. Which will also help in keeping our day clear or any unnecessary stress or irritation.

This is something which is very applicable for girls/ women in general. I’m no expert but these are just a few things that I have observed over the past years which I felt like sharing.

You can use the comment section below to tell me what you think about this blog post, to share your thoughts on this topic, and to tell me if you’d like for me to do a blog post on any particular topic. Have a great week!


About Sharon Marie George

I have a bachelors degree in Psychology, English and Sociology, a Diploma in Clinical Pastoral Counseling and I am currently doing a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology View all posts by Sharon Marie George

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