The Best Friend

In this world it is difficult to have God in our life every minute and every second. It is because we don’t have a deep intimate relationship with him or while we face the day to day struggles and temptation it is likely that we forget God and go after the temptation. In order to have God in our life every second it will surely be difficult in the first glance but there are many things that you can practice about this.

Keep your eyes on God and talk to him every time. It will be hard to talk to God all the time because in this world we come across situations that we have to put our full concentration on something else. But I’m not talking about not doing anything else and just sitting in front of God all the time. But something you can do about this is that you can at least talk to him when you remember him or when there is something in your life that you cannot say to any one. The easiest way to have God in your daily life is to see Jesus as your Best Friend. Because in this world we think that our best friend is the only one person in our life that we can trust, so if we put Jesus as our Best Friend we will feel the same for him too. So the most easiest thing to have Jesus in our daily life is to see him as our Best Friend.


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I have a bachelors degree in Psychology, English and Sociology, a Diploma in Clinical Pastoral Counseling and I am currently doing a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology View all posts by Sharon Marie George

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