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Generosity and the Few Coins

One day, while Jesus was sitting in the temple, he saw many people who were putting in large amount of money into the temple treasury. After some time this poor widow came and dropped two small copper coins as her donation. After seeing this, Jesus said that the poor widow gave more than all the others

Once when I read this story, I thought, may be the person who wrote down this incident wrote it wrong. But as time passed I realized that, its not. But the story that I said above doesn’t stop there, and Jesus goes on to say “… . All these people gave their gifts out of their wealth; but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on.” Who else other than Jesus would explain this incident in this way? Would you? I’m sure I wouldn’t! Not even if I knew she was a poor widow. Let’s leave the “explaining” part now. And focus on the way we give to God. Do we give out of our wealth or out of our poverty? Actually in the story it refers to money, but I think we can consider it in different ways, like giving God an hour of a day when we are off of work or school, would be like giving out of our wealth; and giving a minute to God when we are busy would be like giving out of our poverty

By this story we can learn some things
1. God looks at the willingness of our hearts to give even in our poverty.
2. The way the world judges us, will not be the same as how God judges you when he sees what you do.
3. God never looks at the outward appearance but he looks at our hearts. Like what he says in 2Cor 9:7 “… God loves a cheerful giver.”