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  Nick Vujicic, the man with no hands and legs has been an inspiration to many. Look at his life. Isn’t it amazing how he does different things? He looks happy and he’s there to encourage people, but there might be some time in a day when he wishes he was like others. He can swim, when he looks at us we have hands and legs. Still we are independent in many aspects. We can run, walk freely and write with ease, but that’s not his case. He could have just sat home and have people do different things for him. He could let his inability to do many things rule over his abilities. But where is he in life? The best thing about him is that he does not allow his physical inability to stop him from doing many things we do. Besides, he travels to different places to encourage others.


We are all made with weaknesses. I think we need it. But the problem with most of us is that we let that rule over us and we start to say “oh look at me, I can’t do that,” “I’m not good at this,” or “look at my friend, he is good at this.” As if that is not enough we have people around us to say similar words.

Most of the time when we get good at something, some people get jealous. If anything we does go wrong, they just step on us and trample us with their words. As humans we do value others’ words. So when we hear someone say something so cruel, it just pierces into our hearts like a real sharp sword. In 1 Corinthians 1:26-28, it says about the kind of people God uses. He uses the lowly, rejected, weak, and the foolish. Sometimes I think I’m glad God takes us through tough times. It helps me grow close to him and to love him more. I’m glad he didn’t make me a too good a person. Because I would have been like Lucifer. Sometimes its good to hear about our weaknesses from others. It may hurt at first, but we would be able to trust in God and ask for his help.