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It’s Party Time!


Once there lived a rich father who had two sons. One day his younger son went to his father and asked for his share of the property. The younger son took his wealth and went off to a far away country. There he lived like a king. He had lots of food, friends and everything he dreamt of having. Years passed and his wealth was finished. One by one his friends left him. He had nothing of his own, no food no place to rest. He went door to door asking for a job, finally a man hired him to look after his pigs. There also he was not fed properly, so when he was hungry he ate the pods which were given to the pigs. And then one day he started to think about his family, the servants living there, and about the food they get. Finally he decided to go back to his father and ask for forgiveness. When his father saw him from afar he ran to him and hugged him. Then the son asked forgivess to his father, and the father did forgave him. He not only forgave him he alsogave him new clothes, sandles and even held a party for him.

 The father in this story is an exact shadow of Jesus. Many times in your life you may do wrong things ie., things that don’t please God. Don’t think that God won’t forgive you and that He hates you, because He sent his son Jesus into this world to die for your sins. If He was willing to die for you then surely He is also willing to forgive you. And when you confess for the wrong you did God will surely hold a party in heaven on your behalf.

 This God will love you even when your father and mother forsake you. He is a God that will be available all the time. You can see him as your father, mother, brother, sister, or even as your best friend. If you want him in your life you can say this prayer given below.

 “Lord I admit that I am a sinner.I have lead a sinful life. Lord please forgive me for my sins and make me part of Your family. I receive the forgiveness and Lord I ask that You will take complete control of my life, be my Savior and the Head of my life. Thank you. Amen!”

 Hooray! now you are a child of God. Don’t forget that there is a party going on in heaven, on your behalf. 

My New Opportunity

Everything different,

New place, New home, New school

My grandma no more to receive me from school,

My mom away because of her school,

I thought what can be my activity after school.

To teach me guitar after school ,

Was my dad’s idea,

With delight I followed him,


I heard this from my dad ,

And “I did,I did” after school,

Now I love my guitar,

Now I see everything different;

Don’t worry about new surroundings,

It may lead to new opportunity.

Importance of Sharing God’s word to the World

The importance of sharing God’s word is really extraordinary because God loves the whole world and he wants us to share his word with others. Jesus died for every single person that was born before us for us and after us. By his death on the cross we can know that no matter what religion we are or what color we are or what background we have or what our financial situation is, God loves all of us.

So in order to tell the whole world about God he has chosen some people. Whoever has realized that call in their lives don’t ever hesitate to tell God’s word to others. Don’t ever say “let someone else bring him to christ” or “another time.” Because that might be the last time or the last chance that you ever get to do something for God before he takes your breath. And if you use a chance that you get wisely, God will surely be happy. You might not feel happy at that time, but when you start to see the changes in that person you will think “Thank you God for using me to bring that person to you.”

The reason why God tells us to share his word to others is because he will be really happy to see all of us in Heaven. I’m sure we will also be happy. But if we don’t use the chances that God gives us wisely God will surely be sad about it. You see, a person’s life for God is precious than gold becuse when he looks, he will think “oh I died for this person also, but he never had a chance to know me or to come close to me.” Instead of breaking God’s heart, what I suggest is that you should use the chance wisely because the reason why God chose us is not to play some roles and die but to be fruitful and helpful to others. God sent us to this world with a plan and he will only call us back after all is fulfilled.

If you are not a Christian you should ask a friend of yours who is a Chistian because only through Jesus you can get to heaven. You can not just get to heaven by just doing good works and being a good person, you should do all of that but the important thing is that you should accept Jesus as your saviour. Don’t ever think that our God won’t like you or we don’t want another person to come to Jesus. Because he is a really a forgiving God. Like I said before God really loves you You are really special for him. In the Bible it says that he has created you in his own image. There is only one way to heaven and that is Jesus. If only you have Jesus as your personal saviour you can get to heaven. One of my greatest dream is to see all my family,friends and even the people that I’ve never seen should be present in heaven when I reach there. There is only one thing I want to tell you “Jesus loves you.”

The Best Friend

In this world it is difficult to have God in our life every minute and every second. It is because we don’t have a deep intimate relationship with him or while we face the day to day struggles and temptation it is likely that we forget God and go after the temptation. In order to have God in our life every second it will surely be difficult in the first glance but there are many things that you can practice about this.

Keep your eyes on God and talk to him every time. It will be hard to talk to God all the time because in this world we come across situations that we have to put our full concentration on something else. But I’m not talking about not doing anything else and just sitting in front of God all the time. But something you can do about this is that you can at least talk to him when you remember him or when there is something in your life that you cannot say to any one. The easiest way to have God in your daily life is to see Jesus as your Best Friend. Because in this world we think that our best friend is the only one person in our life that we can trust, so if we put Jesus as our Best Friend we will feel the same for him too. So the most easiest thing to have Jesus in our daily life is to see him as our Best Friend.


>Raju’s Wish

>Once there was a boy named Raju. One day while he was standing outside he saw many birds flying in the sky. And he thought that “If I were a bird I could fly and see Jesus”. When it became night Raju went to bed and got up in the morning and prayed for keeping him safe in the night. And he went to the place were he stood yesterday. He again saw many birds flying in the sky. Again he thought that “If I was a bird I could fly to God”. Then he thought that “Its OK I can be a boy like God created me.

“When I was 7 years old I saw a picture of a boy watching the birds fly in the sky . And I dictated the story to my mom and she wrote it in a book. Recently I found this story in one of her old books.”

>The Twin Adventure


Eva and Eve lived during time of war in Toland . It was a great war between
Toland’s king and an evil witch who lived in the southeast part of Toland. So all the
parents in Eva’s and Eve’s village thought of sending their kids to a children’s care home
in Mecron so that their kids would be safe and sound until the war is over. All the
parents together booked a ship to send their kids Eve’s and Eva’s family was not so poor
and not so rich so their parents sent 200 each with Eve and Eva . Other parents were
so poor that they sent only 50 or 20 rith . They sent their kids to Kins Land on a ship
through Jakian Sea. On the way the ship stopped and told them give us 50 rith or we
wont move the boat an inch. And all the other kids acted as if they don’t have a single rith and Eva and Eve knew that the other kids were telling lies but they didn’t want to lie Eve took 50 rith from bag and gave it to the guard. And suddenly the ship moved forward when the guard whistled . They were all happy and they began jumping and screaming.
When they reached in Kins Land they saw a large group of sisters waiting to pick them up. They all ran to them and asked did you come to pick a group of kids from Toland, and they said ‘yes’ and they all got into the bus. While they were traveling the sisters asked them to pray and thank God for bringing them safe to Mecron. Kids did so as the sisters said. When they reached the children’s care home they all jumped of the bus and ran in to see their rooms which they were going to sleep. After two three weeks, of staying in the care home Eva and Eve were so bored and they decided to run away from the care home. And when they got out they spent the money to buy food to eat. After two three weeks their money was finished because the food was so expensive. So they went to ask for jobs like sweeping,cleaning etc…… . They got a job in a huge bungalow and after 5 months they worked in that house they heard a news that the kings daughter Nilviya is so sick she can’t even touch her feet on the floor. They became so sad because that girl was also a small girl like them and they began to pray for Nilviya and every time they asked about Nilviya all would say it ‘s the same as before and they planned to go to Nilviya and pray for Nilviya. That night they ran from the house they worked. When they got out of the house. They didn’t know how to go to the palace and they asked the people who were standing besides the road how to go to . They asked the guard to let them in and the guard said that they won’t let commoners in the palace until the king says. They stood disappointed and sad. Eve saw some people unloading groceries into huge cans. She told Eva, “Look, let’s get into one of those cans.” Eva asked, “Which can?” She laughed loudly. “How can we get into a can, you silly?” Eve replied, “Look at that can, it is taller than us and if we get in there we will get air to breath.” So they pecked and ran to the place where the cans were kept and they both jumped into the can and sat inside. {Imagine how big that can would be…..}. The cart was taken into the palace. Eva and Eve prayed that there should be no danger at early morning about 4a.m. they got out of the can one by one and a steward saw them standing there , the steward thought both of them are workers so he commanded ‘Go sweep all the rooms in the palace ’ gladly they swept, mopped. They were so exited to do the work they had been commanded to do and so they did.
While they were sweeping and mopping they saw a large group of people standing in the front hall . They were so confused which is the room of that Nilviya they began sweeping and moping the rooms one after another. At last they saw a room and they knocked and they heard a sweet voice saying ‘Come in please’ and they knew it was Nilviya’s room. They both prayed to Jesus to help them and went in when they began to sweep and the little Princess asked them in a sweet voice “tell me girls what are your name?”Eve said my name is Eve and her name is Eva and the princess said those are beautiful names and they said thanks and Eva asked “What is your name?”the little girl said Nilviya and Eve said wow that is a cute name “Are you twins ? Asked Nilviya”and they said‘ yes we are twins.”And they began to sweep and “Eva asked Can we pray for you Nilviya princess?” Nilviya said hey don’t call me Nilviya princess then “Eva asked why?” I don’t like that name OK!then they asked can we pray for you?” “For what?” they said for your sickness “ yes” when they were beginning to pray Satan appeared in the form of a handsome little prince when Nilviya saw Satan she thought that it was a real prince and fell in love with him and Nilviya told to Eva and Eve “ Sweep the floor as fast as you can and get out of my room” . “Eve asked why ?” .”Somebody so handsome is here to see me” Eva and Eve looked towards the door and saw a boy standing their when they looked at the boy’s eyes they saw an evil look, they knew it was Satan.
When they resumed to sweep they saw two beautiful gowns that the little princess have hardly worn Eva and Eve wore that dress and they went out of Nilviya’s room and they stood with the crowd who stood in the front hall and they realized that if they stay there a minute they will be in real danger. Meanwhile Satan gave Nilviya a small bottle of a medicine and told her if you drink the whole bottle you will be free from you illness. She did so as soon as she finished drinking, the prince disappeared. Nilviya sickness grew worse and she began to cry aloud suddenly the girls ran into Nilviya’s room and they asked her “What is wrong with you ?. She said “I lost my beautiful Prince”. They both said to Nilviya “That is not a Prince it is Satan”. But Nilviya refused to tell yes because she loved him. So she said no it is a real human and the kids told her the truth. After many arguments Nilviya agreed because if it was a real human he would have asked her name, and would not directly give her the medicine and tell her if you drink this medicine you will be healed from your illness. After sometime Nilviya asked “What is the time now?” and Eve said about 10:30 pm.
Then Eva asked “Can we pray for your sickness now? ” Nilviya said “for sure”and Eve leaded the prayer as soon as they stopped praying Nilviya could feel some thing very heavy moving out of her body and her sickness was removed. Eva and Eve told to the little princess stand up by faith and Nilviya asked can you help me and they both helped her to stand and she stood firmly with out falling and they asked her to jump and she did they asked her to run, walk and she did everything they asked her with out any problem or falling and the little princess fell to their feet and thanked her and Eve said get up and she got up and they told her “We didn’t heal you” “Then who?” asked Nilviya“Jesus healed you” and she asked ,then Nilviya asked “Who is Jesus?”. They told all about Jesus from their knowledge. Then Nilviya said “I need him” they told her her to repeat after them they said the salvation prayer it is like this
THANKYOU: Jesus, thank you for dying on the cross for me.
SORRY: I am sorry that I have sinned against you. Inow turn away form all me sins.
PLEASE: Please forgive me of all my sinsand be my God and Leaderof my life AMEN!!!!!!!
After she prayed this prayer it shows that she has accepted Jesus as her savior.
Next day early morning the twins got up and they ran to Nilviya’s room and they knocked, and the little princess asked“Who is it?” They said “It’s us” then Nilviya said come in and they went in and they said we will get you dressed before morning 7:00 and Nilviya ran to the bathroom to take a bath and they gave her a dress to ware after she took a bath Nilviya put on that dress and came out and they dressed her as an real princess Nilviya ran to her dad’s and mum’s room and she opened the door and went in and said dad I am healed and her dad said don’t be silly and she said dad look at me I can stand with out any ones help and when her father looked she was standing with out any ones help and her father said to her mother look she is standing with out any ones help and her father and her mother ran to her and asked who healed you and the little princess said “ Eva and Eve healed me” her father and mother asked who are they. They both used to sweep all the rooms and she told I will go and bring them right now and she ran to her room and told them to come follow her and they did so when they reached Nilviya’s parents room she said now get in ,Eva and Eve got into Nilviya’s parents room.
Then Nilviya’s dad asked Eva and Eve you guais were sweeping the rooms and Eve said “Yes, we were sweeping all the rooms and Nilviya’s father and mother fell on their feet and said thank you for healing our daughter and they started to worship them and Eve said we did not heal your daughter Nilviya and the little girls parent parents asked “Then who healed our daughter ?”and Eve said it is Jesus who healed Nilviya and Nilviya’s parent’s asked “Then who healed Nilviya?” They answered “It is Jesus who healed her ” Nilviya’s mom said we want him ?And they told them about Jesus and they accepted Christ as their personal savior and lord. The king encouraged all the people to accept Jesus as their savior, Jesus Christ , worship him and live for him.
The king made a cart and told them to go and get in the cart and all three of them ran into the cart and the door was closed and the king ordered a man to preach aloud that there were two girls named Eva and Eve who came from Toland because of the war and they prayed for the King’s daughter Nilviya said the king arranged a cheer group with more than 10 people and the cart had security’s all around and the cart was lead through the boundary of Mecron and with one day they went round the land of Mecron and they saw all the beautiful scenes in Mecron and when they were traveling Nilviya saw some lepers sitting on the side of the road and Nilviya commanded the cart to stop and the cart stopped and all three of them ran to the group of lepers and when the man who drove the vehicle saw that they were running to the group of lepers the man who rode the cart ran and stood in front of all three of them and said don’t touch them if you touch all three of you will be affected by leprosy and Nilviya said “I am the king’s daughter who say to move” and the driver said sorry “And went and sat in the cart and the kids all together stretched their hand and said “In the name of Jesus we say all of you be clean”and when they opened their eyes they saw the people were cured an the group of people ran near them and said”Thank you for healing us ” And they started to worship them and suddenly Nilviya said “Please get up and they got up and she said we didn’t heal you then the group of people asked “Then who healed us ?”And they said Jesus healed you and the people said who is “Jesus” And all three of them told them about Jesus and they saved Jesus as their savior and they started to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. And they encouraged other people to worship God
Through Eva and Eve all the people in that country came to know the lord and on the way back when they reached near the palace they saw a large group of people in front of the palace the guards said to the group of people to move that the cart can go in but all of them started to yell “we are sick people we want to see the three girls and when Nilviya heard this she commanded the guards to sent one by one near them and the guards said that if they go near the this group they three will catch the diseases that they don’t have then will be in bed but Nilviya refused the guards words and Nilviya said i am the kings daughter who Say’s and suddenly the guard will start to send one bye one to them and all who went near them was cured and all three told them about Jesus and all the people people came to know Jesus.
After 4 years Eva’s and Eve’s parents came back to Mecron to pick them up when they went to the children’ s care home the sis there told them that they were missing they became tensed and angry whey were walking they saw a big board which said the king daughter was sick for 2 months and they took the girl to many doctors but none could heal her after two months two girls got in the palace and they went and prayed for the kings daughter and she was cured and in the bottom of the board they saw Eva’s and Eve’s picture and the kings daughters picture and at the bottom it was written they both live in the palace and the asked the people where is the palace and the went near the palace and they saw all three of the playing and the y both called Eva, Eve and when they looked thy saw their parents and they ran to the gate and said to the guards to let them in they are the parent’s of Eva and Eve we have come to pick them up and the guards said please let us give us a second to go and ask the king and they said “OK! and the guards ran into the palace and they said to the king Eva’s and Eve’s parent’s came they are standing out side the gate should we let them in and the king said why did you ask me you idiets and the guards ran to the gate and opened the gate and said come and they went in and they said we have come to pick Eva and Eva and the king said sorry we can’t leave them and they asked why we are their parents and the king said we want you to stay with us and Eva’s and Eve’s parents asked why do you want us to stay with you ?

The king said because we want to grow more and more in Jesus and they said “OH! We are willing to stay with you but we don’t have any clothes to stay here and the king sends a ship for them to go and get their stuff and and Eva’s and Eve’s parent went to their home place and they loaded all their important stuffs on the ship and they said bye to all the people who stayed near them and they got on the ship and traveled back to the kings palace and that day onwards they all stayed there and lived a happy life.
“I took 4 months to write this story.”

>Tiger and a Fox


By Sharon Marie George

There was a Tiger named Papu. One day he was sick. He went to the doctor and the doctor said, “you have chest congestion. You have to buy seven of the medicines.” Then Papu went to buy medicines. And the man at the store said, “I have only three of the medicines.”And he bought the three medicines and he went to another store. And the man at that store said, “I have only one of the medicines and he bought the one medicine .Then Papu saw one of his friends, Tippu. Papu asked, “can you buy some medicines for me?” Tippu said, “I am so busy I cannot go.” And Papu saw another friend, Roshan. He asked, “can you buy some medicines for me?” Roshan said, I have an exam I cannot miss the exam. And he saw another friend, Tom. Papu asked Tom, “can you buy some medicines for me?” “I can go, but if I don’t get a bus, I should wait there till tomorrow. So he itself went and bought the medicine

wrote this story while I was studying my first grade”