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Exploring Loneliness!

Not everything goes smooth in our life. At times we wonder ‘Is God even alive?’. When I came to Bangalore for college, I was homesick. Most of the time when I sit down to study or to read a book or anything else, half way through I’ll realize that I am crying. This lasted for quite some time. When ever I shared it with my friends they used to say “Don’t worry, you will feel better in due time”.  And for me this ” due time” never seemed to come around.  I tried doing different thing to distract myself. But still when I came back to my room I would start crying. This went on for three weeks. When people prayed for me they said “This happens, God wants to build up something new in you, that is why you have trouble now”.

I did have good moments in those first three weeks. Like, three girls I met in college ended up buying me a cake for my birthday. I was surprised because I only knew them for 5 days and they bought a birthday cake for me. God continued giving me friends in college and in my dorm, but still the sadness that I felt when I entered my room seemed to be permanent.


As time went by, I stopped crying, but I always had this empty place in me.  Few weeks ago, sitting in church I was asking God “Why lord? Why is this empty feeling still haunting me? Why can’t I be happy? Why do I feel alone all the time? Are you even there?”. These questions rushed in my mind and I couldn’t listen to the message. During alter call, I wanted to go up front but I couldn’t my legs felt heavy. And again I started questioning God. When I opened my eye I saw my aunt walking to me. She came close to me hugged me and asked “Do you feel alone? Like you are all alone with none around?” I couldn’t speak. I just nodded my head and started crying.  Finally after a long time I felt like someone understood how I felt. She prayed for quite some time and she said ” God knows how you feel. He is keeping this gap in your life to mould you and to make sure you never turn away from Him even if you have everything you need.” Suddenly everything started making sense for me. I felt so light at heart and I smiled wholeheartedly after a long time.

Most of the time in our life we feel the same way like we are alone and that there is no one who understand how you feel. But that’s not true. Jesus knows how you feel, he felt the same way when he was in this world his own people treated him badly. We even see that in Joseph’s life, his brothers betrayed him, he was sold to foreigners for money. God was with him through his life. Every where God took him he made sure that Joseph learned to trust God even more. Even when Joseph was tempted to do wrong, he didn’t because of his love for God.

So even if we feel alone we’re actually not alone. God is with us. He leads us through different situations to make sure that we learn to turn to God, and to keep our trust in him. I know it is hard to understand all this when we are going through hard times. And all we could do is to ask God to help us to understand and know that he knows how we feel and that he holding us in his arms.



  Nick Vujicic, the man with no hands and legs has been an inspiration to many. Look at his life. Isn’t it amazing how he does different things? He looks happy and he’s there to encourage people, but there might be some time in a day when he wishes he was like others. He can swim, when he looks at us we have hands and legs. Still we are independent in many aspects. We can run, walk freely and write with ease, but that’s not his case. He could have just sat home and have people do different things for him. He could let his inability to do many things rule over his abilities. But where is he in life? The best thing about him is that he does not allow his physical inability to stop him from doing many things we do. Besides, he travels to different places to encourage others.


We are all made with weaknesses. I think we need it. But the problem with most of us is that we let that rule over us and we start to say “oh look at me, I can’t do that,” “I’m not good at this,” or “look at my friend, he is good at this.” As if that is not enough we have people around us to say similar words.

Most of the time when we get good at something, some people get jealous. If anything we does go wrong, they just step on us and trample us with their words. As humans we do value others’ words. So when we hear someone say something so cruel, it just pierces into our hearts like a real sharp sword. In 1 Corinthians 1:26-28, it says about the kind of people God uses. He uses the lowly, rejected, weak, and the foolish. Sometimes I think I’m glad God takes us through tough times. It helps me grow close to him and to love him more. I’m glad he didn’t make me a too good a person. Because I would have been like Lucifer. Sometimes its good to hear about our weaknesses from others. It may hurt at first, but we would be able to trust in God and ask for his help.

Destruction for Construction

Last year our dog Amigo got his vaccination shots. But before to that we had to tie him up. Those shots were painful for him. Even though he couldn’t say it, we knew it because he was howling and barking too much. After he got those shots he was limping while he walked, so he didn’t walk much. He might have thought “Why did these people do this to me? I didn’t hurt them. Don’t they love me? Don’t they care about me?” Well he sure doesn’t know why he got those shots or what those are for. We take care of him, so we know that he needs it to live a healthier life.


This is kind of what happens in our case. When God sees something in us which is not working right, he gives us our “vaccination shots.” We don’t know why God is giving us these shots. But we know that whenever God leads us through something, he has a great plan for us. When we go through trials this concept is really hard to understand and to grasp.

The difference with what happened to our dog was that he could see us standing close to him during and after he got those shots, so it was easier for him to believe the concept that we still love him. But in our case we can’t see God standing next to us holding our hand through those tough times. This makes it hard for us to believe God loves us or that God is near us, which also makes it easier for us to question God and to complain or doubt about his love and care for us. Even though we don’t want to doubt it, it just happens as a normal process.

We can’t work alone and find a way through these trials. We need God to help us. If God sent us through these trials, I believe He is faithful enough to hold us through the whole time. There is no one in this world who never faced a trial, even Jesus did. This is a part of our life. We need to go through these trials to become the person God wants us to be. While we’re going through trials we might feel that everything around us is in such a great destruction. It may look like a destruction which can not be reconstructed. But know this, you are not the one who is going to reconstruct it, God is. And as we all know there is nothing impossible for God. Remember that all the destructions that happen to us is to construct us into a better person.

Photo by Sarah G

Generosity and the Few Coins

One day, while Jesus was sitting in the temple, he saw many people who were putting in large amount of money into the temple treasury. After some time this poor widow came and dropped two small copper coins as her donation. After seeing this, Jesus said that the poor widow gave more than all the others

Once when I read this story, I thought, may be the person who wrote down this incident wrote it wrong. But as time passed I realized that, its not. But the story that I said above doesn’t stop there, and Jesus goes on to say “… . All these people gave their gifts out of their wealth; but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on.” Who else other than Jesus would explain this incident in this way? Would you? I’m sure I wouldn’t! Not even if I knew she was a poor widow. Let’s leave the “explaining” part now. And focus on the way we give to God. Do we give out of our wealth or out of our poverty? Actually in the story it refers to money, but I think we can consider it in different ways, like giving God an hour of a day when we are off of work or school, would be like giving out of our wealth; and giving a minute to God when we are busy would be like giving out of our poverty

By this story we can learn some things
1. God looks at the willingness of our hearts to give even in our poverty.
2. The way the world judges us, will not be the same as how God judges you when he sees what you do.
3. God never looks at the outward appearance but he looks at our hearts. Like what he says in 2Cor 9:7 “… God loves a cheerful giver.”

Do you want great things to happen in your life?

Have you ever achieved something? What do you think helped you to achieve it? Is it only because of your work or does God have anything to do with your achievement? In my life, every time I worked hard and trusted in God, He did great things. And what He did was unbelievable.

Till my 7th grade I was an above average student and sometimes a below average student too. I didn’t care much about studies. It was like I went to school to have fun and not to study. By the end of my 7th grade I got a bunch of friends who were really good in studies and even in some bad habits. I really thank God for giving me those friends. Now you might think “Why in the world is Sharon happy to have friends like these?” Well my answer is “I did not learn any bad habits from them.” Have you heard that friends can easily influence you to do good and also to do bad. I’m thankful because somehow they couldn’t influence me with their bad habits and they could only influence me to study well.

By 8th grade my marks started increasing but I never got an A or A+. The truth is I was not at all sad about that. For my 9th grade I changed schools, this new school had a completely new environment. What irritated me the most was that out of 28 students in my class, mostly all got straight A’s for all subject. However in this school God got a hold of my life and started teaching me that I have to start trusting in him and that I have to allow God to take full control of my life. Till then at some situations I used to push out God, have fun and then ask for forgiveness. As soon as I started to trust in God and allow him to take full control of my life, I started getting straight A’s for all subjects.

Sometimes when I sit to study something would go wrong, sometimes I couldn’t understand what the teacher told or I couldn’t remember what I studied. There where nights when I used to open my book and sit and cry because it just wasn’t working out for me. I used to complain to my Mom that she never helps me in my studies. One day she came to me and told me, “Sharon even if I teach you, you wont get good grades because there is a limit to how much I can help you. Ask God to teach you, He is the best teacher you could ever get in this whole world. ” From the next time I sat to study I used to say this out as a prayer and then study. I could really feel, hear and see God sitting next to me and explaining everything to me. I am very thankful to God for being my teacher and teaching me. On 21st April my 10th grade results were published, I got A+ for all subjects. Something that I would say is that I didn’t get A+ for all subjects only because of my hard work, it’s also a miracle that God did for me.

If you work hard and trust in God, he will do great things for you.”

It’s Party Time!


Once there lived a rich father who had two sons. One day his younger son went to his father and asked for his share of the property. The younger son took his wealth and went off to a far away country. There he lived like a king. He had lots of food, friends and everything he dreamt of having. Years passed and his wealth was finished. One by one his friends left him. He had nothing of his own, no food no place to rest. He went door to door asking for a job, finally a man hired him to look after his pigs. There also he was not fed properly, so when he was hungry he ate the pods which were given to the pigs. And then one day he started to think about his family, the servants living there, and about the food they get. Finally he decided to go back to his father and ask for forgiveness. When his father saw him from afar he ran to him and hugged him. Then the son asked forgivess to his father, and the father did forgave him. He not only forgave him he alsogave him new clothes, sandles and even held a party for him.

 The father in this story is an exact shadow of Jesus. Many times in your life you may do wrong things ie., things that don’t please God. Don’t think that God won’t forgive you and that He hates you, because He sent his son Jesus into this world to die for your sins. If He was willing to die for you then surely He is also willing to forgive you. And when you confess for the wrong you did God will surely hold a party in heaven on your behalf.

 This God will love you even when your father and mother forsake you. He is a God that will be available all the time. You can see him as your father, mother, brother, sister, or even as your best friend. If you want him in your life you can say this prayer given below.

 “Lord I admit that I am a sinner.I have lead a sinful life. Lord please forgive me for my sins and make me part of Your family. I receive the forgiveness and Lord I ask that You will take complete control of my life, be my Savior and the Head of my life. Thank you. Amen!”

 Hooray! now you are a child of God. Don’t forget that there is a party going on in heaven, on your behalf. 

My New Opportunity

Everything different,

New place, New home, New school

My grandma no more to receive me from school,

My mom away because of her school,

I thought what can be my activity after school.

To teach me guitar after school ,

Was my dad’s idea,

With delight I followed him,


I heard this from my dad ,

And “I did,I did” after school,

Now I love my guitar,

Now I see everything different;

Don’t worry about new surroundings,

It may lead to new opportunity.

Importance of Sharing God’s word to the World

The importance of sharing God’s word is really extraordinary because God loves the whole world and he wants us to share his word with others. Jesus died for every single person that was born before us for us and after us. By his death on the cross we can know that no matter what religion we are or what color we are or what background we have or what our financial situation is, God loves all of us.

So in order to tell the whole world about God he has chosen some people. Whoever has realized that call in their lives don’t ever hesitate to tell God’s word to others. Don’t ever say “let someone else bring him to christ” or “another time.” Because that might be the last time or the last chance that you ever get to do something for God before he takes your breath. And if you use a chance that you get wisely, God will surely be happy. You might not feel happy at that time, but when you start to see the changes in that person you will think “Thank you God for using me to bring that person to you.”

The reason why God tells us to share his word to others is because he will be really happy to see all of us in Heaven. I’m sure we will also be happy. But if we don’t use the chances that God gives us wisely God will surely be sad about it. You see, a person’s life for God is precious than gold becuse when he looks, he will think “oh I died for this person also, but he never had a chance to know me or to come close to me.” Instead of breaking God’s heart, what I suggest is that you should use the chance wisely because the reason why God chose us is not to play some roles and die but to be fruitful and helpful to others. God sent us to this world with a plan and he will only call us back after all is fulfilled.

If you are not a Christian you should ask a friend of yours who is a Chistian because only through Jesus you can get to heaven. You can not just get to heaven by just doing good works and being a good person, you should do all of that but the important thing is that you should accept Jesus as your saviour. Don’t ever think that our God won’t like you or we don’t want another person to come to Jesus. Because he is a really a forgiving God. Like I said before God really loves you You are really special for him. In the Bible it says that he has created you in his own image. There is only one way to heaven and that is Jesus. If only you have Jesus as your personal saviour you can get to heaven. One of my greatest dream is to see all my family,friends and even the people that I’ve never seen should be present in heaven when I reach there. There is only one thing I want to tell you “Jesus loves you.”

The Best Friend

In this world it is difficult to have God in our life every minute and every second. It is because we don’t have a deep intimate relationship with him or while we face the day to day struggles and temptation it is likely that we forget God and go after the temptation. In order to have God in our life every second it will surely be difficult in the first glance but there are many things that you can practice about this.

Keep your eyes on God and talk to him every time. It will be hard to talk to God all the time because in this world we come across situations that we have to put our full concentration on something else. But I’m not talking about not doing anything else and just sitting in front of God all the time. But something you can do about this is that you can at least talk to him when you remember him or when there is something in your life that you cannot say to any one. The easiest way to have God in your daily life is to see Jesus as your Best Friend. Because in this world we think that our best friend is the only one person in our life that we can trust, so if we put Jesus as our Best Friend we will feel the same for him too. So the most easiest thing to have Jesus in our daily life is to see him as our Best Friend.


>Raju’s Wish

>Once there was a boy named Raju. One day while he was standing outside he saw many birds flying in the sky. And he thought that “If I were a bird I could fly and see Jesus”. When it became night Raju went to bed and got up in the morning and prayed for keeping him safe in the night. And he went to the place were he stood yesterday. He again saw many birds flying in the sky. Again he thought that “If I was a bird I could fly to God”. Then he thought that “Its OK I can be a boy like God created me.

“When I was 7 years old I saw a picture of a boy watching the birds fly in the sky . And I dictated the story to my mom and she wrote it in a book. Recently I found this story in one of her old books.”