4 Tips for Writing Exams

1) Avoid studying anything new on the morning of the exam

For this you would have to start studying way before exam time. If you are well prepared then you don’t have to go through a lot of stress. A little amount of stress is needed to keep you motivated, but also don’t don’t give into the stress. Also when you study study in a systematic method. Keep your own version of notes, because later on when you are browsing through it, it will be easier to understand.

2) Choose short and familiar first

If a choice is provided for the questions, choose the one which is most familiar and the short one (short one – if you are given an option for two questions, for one of those you might need 4 pages to complete the answer and for the other 2 pages. In this case chose the one where you can get the whole mark by writing less)

3) Time yourself

Before writing an answer you have to set a time limit and make sure you stick to it! Time your self in a way that at the end of the exam you will have some time to go through or read through you answers.

Eg: for a 5 mark question take 3 mins, 10 mark question take 7 mins and for 15 mark take 13 mins

4) Think before you write

Before you write an answer think what all you want to include in the answer. Its always good to answer directly to the question, but teachers do appreciate a bit of extra knowledge. Some might deny it, but it is true. Its good to have paragraphs and its good to highlight the most important words of the key words. If you are writing about a person’s theory or a summary of a story/poem its always good to have a brief introduction about the person. Make sure to write an introduction and conclusion.


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