Destruction for Construction

Last year our dog Amigo got his vaccination shots. But before to that we had to tie him up. Those shots were painful for him. Even though he couldn’t say it, we knew it because he was howling and barking too much. After he got those shots he was limping while he walked, so he didn’t walk much. He might have thought “Why did these people do this to me? I didn’t hurt them. Don’t they love me? Don’t they care about me?” Well he sure doesn’t know why he got those shots or what those are for. We take care of him, so we know that he needs it to live a healthier life.


This is kind of what happens in our case. When God sees something in us which is not working right, he gives us our “vaccination shots.” We don’t know why God is giving us these shots. But we know that whenever God leads us through something, he has a great plan for us. When we go through trials this concept is really hard to understand and to grasp.

The difference with what happened to our dog was that he could see us standing close to him during and after he got those shots, so it was easier for him to believe the concept that we still love him. But in our case we can’t see God standing next to us holding our hand through those tough times. This makes it hard for us to believe God loves us or that God is near us, which also makes it easier for us to question God and to complain or doubt about his love and care for us. Even though we don’t want to doubt it, it just happens as a normal process.

We can’t work alone and find a way through these trials. We need God to help us. If God sent us through these trials, I believe He is faithful enough to hold us through the whole time. There is no one in this world who never faced a trial, even Jesus did. This is a part of our life. We need to go through these trials to become the person God wants us to be. While we’re going through trials we might feel that everything around us is in such a great destruction. It may look like a destruction which can not be reconstructed. But know this, you are not the one who is going to reconstruct it, God is. And as we all know there is nothing impossible for God. Remember that all the destructions that happen to us is to construct us into a better person.

Photo by Sarah G

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