Do you want great things to happen in your life?

Have you ever achieved something? What do you think helped you to achieve it? Is it only because of your work or does God have anything to do with your achievement? In my life, every time I worked hard and trusted in God, He did great things. And what He did was unbelievable.

Till my 7th grade I was an above average student and sometimes a below average student too. I didn’t care much about studies. It was like I went to school to have fun and not to study. By the end of my 7th grade I got a bunch of friends who were really good in studies and even in some bad habits. I really thank God for giving me those friends. Now you might think “Why in the world is Sharon happy to have friends like these?” Well my answer is “I did not learn any bad habits from them.” Have you heard that friends can easily influence you to do good and also to do bad. I’m thankful because somehow they couldn’t influence me with their bad habits and they could only influence me to study well.

By 8th grade my marks started increasing but I never got an A or A+. The truth is I was not at all sad about that. For my 9th grade I changed schools, this new school had a completely new environment. What irritated me the most was that out of 28 students in my class, mostly all got straight A’s for all subject. However in this school God got a hold of my life and started teaching me that I have to start trusting in him and that I have to allow God to take full control of my life. Till then at some situations I used to push out God, have fun and then ask for forgiveness. As soon as I started to trust in God and allow him to take full control of my life, I started getting straight A’s for all subjects.

Sometimes when I sit to study something would go wrong, sometimes I couldn’t understand what the teacher told or I couldn’t remember what I studied. There where nights when I used to open my book and sit and cry because it just wasn’t working out for me. I used to complain to my Mom that she never helps me in my studies. One day she came to me and told me, “Sharon even if I teach you, you wont get good grades because there is a limit to how much I can help you. Ask God to teach you, He is the best teacher you could ever get in this whole world. ” From the next time I sat to study I used to say this out as a prayer and then study. I could really feel, hear and see God sitting next to me and explaining everything to me. I am very thankful to God for being my teacher and teaching me. On 21st April my 10th grade results were published, I got A+ for all subjects. Something that I would say is that I didn’t get A+ for all subjects only because of my hard work, it’s also a miracle that God did for me.

If you work hard and trust in God, he will do great things for you.”

About Sharon Marie George

I have a bachelors degree in Psychology, English and Sociology, a Diploma in Clinical Pastoral Counseling and I am currently doing a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology View all posts by Sharon Marie George

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